About Laura Sheldrick

Laura has always had a passion for promoting and understanding natural health practices as well as a keen interest in Energy Medicine. She has worked to educate herself and others through books, self-help, workshops and continuing education.

As a young empathic child, Laura believes she unconsciously healed herself while nurturing and helping others.  

Laura began her educational journey over 25 years ago by studying and becoming certified in each of these modalities Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and then mastered ART Advanced Reiki Techniques. Most recently under the guidance of Dr Bradley Nelson the founder of The Emotion Code Laura became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. 

Laura believes her life experiences, workshops and certifications serve as a strong foundation to assist individuals on their lifes path. Laura looks forward with gratitude of being of service and creating a business focused on natural health practices, energy medicine and empowering people to heal themselves.


Laura Sheldrick

Office: 15 Elm St., Grimsby, ON.


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